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The TCNY M65 Jacket

I’ve had mine for awhile now so I thought I would write a very informal review for anyone who was on the fence about one of these.

I thought it looked great ever since I saw the Aspesi model on sites like Die, Workwear! and Edwin Zee’s blog. However, I didn’t want to spring for an Aspesi so I started looking around at more affordable alternatives. Thanks to a tip from Downeast And Out,  I found the model made by TCNY, a subsidary of Ascot Chang in Hong Kong. The company doesn’t have a online ordering service yet but they were excellent to deal with via email and very helpful. 

When I ordered, they advised that some of their customers found that the sleeves were a little short so I had them extend the sleeves for me by half an inch. I opted for the navy version rather than olive because I thought the colour would be a little more versatile. The jacket is very lightweight and also slim fitting unlike the actual army version. The camouflage material on the inside of the pocket flaps is decidedly a nice touch! I’ve found it to be very well made and it’s become my ‘go to’ casual jacket. The pockets are handy for carrying my compact camera, wallet and phone in the various pockets wherever I go. The weight makes it excellent for spring and the cooler summer days and I could not be happier with it.

With the slim fit, I wouldn’t be able to fit anything more than a shirt and thin cardigan/jumper underneath but that combination will get me through everything but the coldest weather. 

If you’re in the market for a lightweight M65-styled field jacket, consider TCNY.

Jacket: TCNY
Shirt: Owen and James red chambray
Belt: Allen Edmonds
Chinos: Epaulet NY Walt
Shoes: Crockett and Jones Coniston

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